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Wines from artisan winemakers


Very often, a whole bottle or even a half bottle, is too much. And those 'one glass bottles' of wine somehow feel 'too much package, for not enough product'. I hadn’t realised that there was something missing. Enter Kiss of Wine

Cecilia Hansen-Saunders

I love to enjoy the odd glass of wine, without needing to open a whole bottle, so wine in a can makes total sense to me. If you haven't given these guys a go, do! You won't regret it

Laura Riches

I recently tried Kiss of Wine after being recommended it by a friend - and now I'm a canned wine convert! I tried the Reisling, Nebiolo and Grenache, all of which were a nice change from the grape varieties I usually buy on auto

Rose McCullough

Great taste for a very fair price 👍😀

Anders Jess Madsen

62m wine bottles land in the sink every year

You want to stay on top of your game the next day? Enjoy a glass, no need to commit to a bottle

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